With Created Crowd
you will be able to


From the comfort of your couch you can participate in a Football Match as a supporter. Simply by taking a selfie on your smartphone or tablet, you are able to create your own real life personalized avatar in the Created Crowd app. Subsequently you can see and hear yourself on TV in the stadium and in the app.

Check in

From everywhere around the world you are able to check in to support your favorite football team


To have an interactive experience with your favorite football team you can control your avatar and the footballplayers on the field are able to hear you.


Meet other people with your personalized avatar before and after the match who checked in at the match and in the chatroom to talk about the match.

Our solution

By applying our advanced artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology every supporter in the world can appear on an empty seat in the stadium.

Even when real people are allowed to visit the stadium, you can still appear on a seat that is empty

With this solution empty seats will be history because we will pop-up your avatar and maximize the crowd in the stadium

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